Shingles vaccine reduces stroke risk

The shingles vaccine may reduce stroke risk by 10-to-20 percent according to new research from the CDC.
stroke and ci insurance

The shingles vaccine may reduce stroke risk by as much as 18%. Reduction varies by age.*

“Strokes are one of the top-3 reasons critical illness insurance policyholders file a claim.”

Jesse Slome, director of the American Association of Critical Illness Insurance

Stroke and ci insurance

Stroke and ci insurance news: New research suggests that the shingles vaccine may reduce stroke risk. The vaccine is commonly known to protect against the often painful infection caused by the chickenpox virus.

The study’s lead researcher is Quanhe Yang, a senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Yang reviewed the Medicare health records of more than one million people. The individuals were 66 or older and all had received the Zoster Vaccine Live between 2008 and 2014. The researchers compared the data with one million people of the same age who had not received the vaccination.

The shingles vaccine lowered the risk of clot-caused ischemic strokes by about 18 percent. It lowered the risk of hemorrhagic, or bleeding strokes by about 12 percent according to their preliminary findings.

“Approximately one million people in the United States get shingles each year, yet there is a vaccine to help prevent it,” said Yang. “Our study results may encourage people ages 50 and older to follow the recommendation and get vaccinated against shingles. You are reducing the risk of shingles, and at the same time you may be reducing your risk of stroke.”

Stroke and CI Insurance: One of the three major covered diseases

Every 40 seconds one American has a stroke according to data reported by the American Association for Critical Illness Insurance. “Strokes are one of the top-3 reasons critical illness insurance policyholders file a claim,” explains Jesse Slome, the organization’s director.

Critical illness insurance can provide a lump sum cash payment immediately following a stroke. Read tips that explain important ways to compare and get the best critical illness insurance quotes.

Tips for critical illness insurance planning

Thirdly, stroke is only one health risk. Indeed cancer is a significant risk especially at ages prior to 70.

Fourthly, read tips to better compare critical illness insurance coverage. Significantly there are differences between policies. Therefore the helpful tips can save you money.

* American Heart Association News, February 12, 2020

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