National Critical Illness Awareness Month

Critical Illness Awareness Month logoThe American Association for Critical Illness Insurance established National Critical Illness Awareness Month in 2011.

“We specifically left the word insurance out of the name because we wanted more diverse involvement,” said Jesse Slome, director of the Association.  Slome previously created National Long-Term Care Awareness Month in 2001.  Subsequently this event has been recognized by Congress.  The event was recognized by numerous Governors and mayors.

Awareness Month Set For October

October was selected by Slome for several reasons. “We wanted to create heightened awareness towards the end of the year.  Many employers offer critical illness insurance plans to their employees in the Fall,” he notes.

“Secondly, October is Breast Cancer Awareness,” a good tie in,” Slome added.  “And thirdly, November is Lung Cancer Awareness.  Finally we believed October was a perfect time to create awareness and build momentum.  Because we knew a grass roots effort takes time to build we believed this was an ideal time of the year.”

The American Association for Critical Illness Insurance was founded in 2009.

10th Anniversary: 2020

awareness-month-critical-illness-10th-anniversaryThis year marks the 10th anniversary of National Critical Illness Awareness Month.  We look forward to seeing more entities get involved in this important event.

What, why and getting involved

National Critical Illness Awareness Month is the annual designation observed in October.   A critical illness is a life-threatening condition.  The three main critical illnesses are cancer, heart attack and stroke.

Roughly 75 percent of adults over age 40 will be diagnosed with a critical illness in their lifetime.

You can access the latest facts regarding cancer, heart attack and stroke on the Association’s website.

Insurance agents who sell critical illness insurance should get more involved.

Recognized In Chase's Calendar

Critical illness awareness month Chase's calendarChase’s Calendar first published the listing for National Critical Illness Insurance Awareness Month.  The 2016 edition carried the listing.  The Association has since moved offices.

All have an opportunity to get involved and undertake future efforts

The success of the event ultimately will depend on more people getting involved.  As a grassroots event, each person who contributes a little helps toward building a bigger overall success.. 

Critical illness insurance association best source for statistics
Get involved

Firstly, plan in the summer for Fall outreach efforts.
Secondly, focus the message on adults between ages 40 and 55.
Thirdly, address both women and men.
Fourthly, encourage insurance companies you work with to recognize the month.
Avoid scare messaging.  Talk about facts and planning options.
Keep your message brief and on point.
Insurance agents should get support from local politicians.
Since many politicians have been impacted. Therefore communicate directly to get their involvement.
Simultaneously utilize social media channels.  Particularly use Facebook.
Explicitly do not include the word insurance.
Likewise do not utilize efforts to directly sell insurance.
Whenever possible use the Month to extend your outreach to community organizations.
Particularly focus on local groups that support families impacted by cancer, heart and stroke.
Finally, share your success with the Association.

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