Cancer & critical illness insurance

A message from Jesse Slome

Director, American Association for Critical Illness Insurance

Instilling fear is a proven way to get people to buy insurance. We are NOT here to do that. We simply want you to understand a little more about a very real risk that you face as well as some options worth considering. Knowledge is always your most powerful financial planning asset.

A real risk - but today there are options

This year 1.8 million Americans will hear the dreaded words, “you have cancer.” Another 1.6 million will have a heart attack or stroke. (1) Most will survive. But any savings they have will likely be gone. Even those with great health insurance coverage face out-of-pocket costs, deductibles and treatments that are not covered. Plus, there is the loss of income while undergoing treatment and recovery. The number one reason over 500,000 Americans file for bankruptcy each year is due to health-related events.

If you plan ahead, you have options. A critical illness insurance policy or a cancer-only policy provides a lump sum cash payment upon diagnosis of a covered condition. It wasn’t an insurance company that created this product. It was a world-famous South African heart surgeon who saw the financial devastation impacting his own patients.

Imagine the value of receiving a check for $10,000, for $15,000 or $25,000. This insurance benefit allows you to better focus on your recovery and not on bills piling up during this most stressful time in your life.

Now sold in 60 countries around the world, some 1.6 million Americans have critical illness insurance. If you are between the ages of 35 and 55, the Association recommends you see how much coverage costs. Consider an amount that will cover your rent or mortgage payment for 6-to-12 months. Use our Instant Cost Calculator to get an immediate estimate.

You can see real insurance costs right now

You can use our Instant Cost Calculator to immediately see the ballpark cost for a $10,000 benefit under a cancer-only policy. No emails or contact information is required to use.

You can click on the adjacent advertisement and see the cost for both Cancer-only and Critical Illness Insurance coverage from an insurance company.

You can learn much more about this important topic by reading the information on this website.

The American Association for Critical Illness Insurance (AACII) does not sell insurance products nor employ agents or brokers. We advocate for the importance of this protection and support insurance professionals who market these products.

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