Critical-Illness-InsuranceIf you are ever diagnosed with a serious illness, one of the last things you want to worry about is your finances.

A Critical Illness Insurance policy provides a lump-sum, cash payment if you are ever diagnosed with one of many covered conditions. 

It can help you focus on getting well – instead of worrying about paying healthcare charges, your rent or mortgage, credit cards bills.

Who needs Critical Illness Insurance?

Self-Employed - Small Business Owners - Gig Economy Workers

critical-illness-insurance-self-employedYou and your family depend on your income.  A small cancer or ci insurance policy can replace lost income when you take time off to undergo medical treatments.  It can cover costs that your health insurance won’t pay.  This is most-important coverage for self-employed, small business owners and gig economy workers who are in their 40s and 50s.  Imagine the peace of mind 6 to 12 months worth of cash provides when you need it most!


Individuals With High Deductible Health Insurance

One illness can seriously disrupt your family’s finances.  Imagine the value of a lump-sum payment to pay rent or mortgage payments while you undergo treatments and recover.

Health insurance deductibles and co-pays add up quickly.  And with illnesses like cancer, so will drug costs.  A lump-sum cash payment can mean all the difference in the world to you.

In Your 40s and 50s

Single Women, 40s & 50s

Today, your risk of a critical illness before retirement (at 65 or 70) is higher than the risk of dying.  Life insurance is no longer your most essential risk.

Breast cancer is such a risk. Thankfully it’s survivable but having even a modest lump-sum cash payment for rent, mortgage, bills  can be so valuable for women on their own.

Is Critical Illness Insurance worth it?

PROTECTION FOR TODAY’S RISK & TODAY’S NEEDS.  Even if you know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, or someone who had a heart attack, it’s natural to think that serious illnesses only happen to other people.

However, the true picture is quite different.  Today, women and men suffer from cancer (and heart issues) before they reach retirement age,

Life insurance companies make us think about what happens to our families if we die prematurely.  But today, the risk of a critical illness before age 70 is significantly higher than the risk of dying.

A critical illness can have a devastating financial effect.  For most people, a ‘modest‘ CI insurance policy will be sufficient and also affordable.  It is protection for today’s risk and today’s needs.

What should I look for in critical illness insurance coverage?

Look For Options

Compare Costs

Look for an insurer that gives you the option of cancer-only coverage.  This may be the risk you worry about most.  A cancer-only policy will be less costly than a comprehensive CI insurance policy.

Policy costs can vary significantly based on many factors.  Some insurers charge men and women the same, even though their risks vary.  Some charge smokers and non-smokers the same.  For this reason alone, comparing costs can save you monry.

A 'Modest' Benefit Plan

Employer Offered Coverage

Most CI insurance benefits paid range from $15,000 to $25,000. We suggest buying coverage equal to between 6 and 12 months of rent or mortgage payments.  This will give you time to undergo treatment and plan your future.

The vast majority of critical illness insurance is purchased by employees.  Your employer offered coverage may be great, but it’s always worth comparing. Individual coverage today may offer more options for less cost.

Use our Cost Calculator to see instant cancer insurance costs

cost calculator female age 45The Association’s Cost Calculator will show you an example of what $10,000 of cancer insurance can cost (2020 estimate). 

Simply click one button and a cost will appear. 

Note this is simply an example based on coverage from a leading insurance company.  We provide it to show that a modest amount of cancer-only coverage can be far less costly than you might think.

Valuable resources on the Association's website

America's critical illness insurace expertsThe American Association for Critical Illness Insurance is a national professional organization established to create heightened awareness among consumers.  We also support insurance professionals who market these important forms of protection.

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