Metlife critical illness insurance compare

If you are considering Metlife critical illness insurance, here are some reasons to compare.

Reasons to compare MetLife critical illness insurance

Reason #1.  You may be able to save.

#2.  You may be able to get more coverage for the same cost.

And here’s #3 – #10.   Re-read reasons #1 and #2.  Saving money and better benefits.

Every critical illness insurance policy is different

MetLife critical illness insurance compareThere are about 60 different U.S. insurance companies that offer critical illness insurance policies.  MetLife is one.  Because each company sets their own price, the Association always encourages comparisons.   We believe that an educated consumer is the best customer for this important protection.

By comparing you may indeed be able to save money.  Significantly you may be able to get coverage that is more suitable for your needs.

Here are some things about critical illness insurance that many consumers don’t know.

Are you offered one option or two options?

Some critical illness insurance plans offer only one option for coverage.

Your only option is a plan that pays benefits for various conditions.  They typically include cancer, heart attack and strokes (the big 3).

Obviously an organization that has critical illness insurance in it’s name encourages you to protect against these real risks.

But we recognize that having options is a good thing.  So is saving money.

A cancer-only option costs about 1/3 as much

cancer and critical illness insuranceToday, some insurance companies offer two choices (or options).  They offer a cancer-only option.

There can be some significant reasons to consider this. 

Firstly, you will save.  A cancer-only plan generally costs about one-third as much.

Secondly, if you are younger, cancer may be the disease you most worry about.  Indeed, heart attacks and strokes tend to occur at older ages (60s, 70s and older).

How much is cancer-only insurance?

get cancer insurance cost comparisonYou can use the Cost Calculator to see a real estimate of what cancer-only insurance costs.

Just click any of the boxes.  A dollar amount will immediately appear.

The calculator shows approximate costs for $10,000 of cancer-only coverage.  You can also get a quote directly from an insurance company to help you compare.

Some information to help you decide

Here are links to pages where we post some information that we believe is important.

Tips to compare employer critical illness insurance plans.

Read the latest and most relevant cancer statistics.  What are average risks at various ages.

Finally, read heart attack statistics.  See when the majority of people are at risk.

Critical illness insurance association best source for statistics
A few additional resources

We are pleased to recommend the following resources for information.

Find Medicare Supplement information and statistics on the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance website.

Access the latest long-term care insurance information and statistics on the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance’s website.

Instant Insurance Cost Calculator

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