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This webpage will help you get the best cancer insurance quote.

We’ll share helpful tips.  Also questions to ask before you sign-up for coverage offered through your employer. 

Get an instant cancer insurance quote - cost estimate

cancer insurance quote female age 45
Cancer insurance quote for a female age 45

Get an instant cancer insurance quote.  See a close estimate of what $10,000 of coverage can cost you.

Use the Cost Calculator on this webpage.  It is 100% private.  Click on your sex and the yearly (annual) rate will instantly appear.

Most people buy cancer policies with benefit amounts of between $10,000 and $30,000.  Simply multiply the amount by 2 or 3, to get a sense of what these higher levels of coverage could cost.

To get an actual cost directly from an insurance company, click on the blue bar.

What to look for in a good cancer insurance quote

cancer insurance quote male age 45
cancer insurance quote for a male age 45

Obviously you want to compare prices.  Each insurance company sets their own prices and they can vary significantly.

Also you want to read the definitions of coverage. Policies typically offer Full Benefit coverage which means you’ll get 100% of the benefit amount.  They may also offer Partial Benefit (often 25%) for certain types of cancer conditions.

Is there a termination age when your coverage ends?  That may be age 70 or older.  For many people coverage only until age 70 is desirable.  It’s usually cheaper too because the risk of cancer increases so significantly at older ages.

Comparing your employer-offered plan

Read all our tips for comparing employer critical illness insurance here.

Here are things to know.

Some employer-offered plans charge the same rate to BOTH smokers and non-smokers.  That generally means non-smokers are ‘subsidizing’ the higher risk plan participants (those who use tobacco products).

Plans may charge women and men the same amount.  Cancer risk by age varies.  Women tend to get cancers at younger ages.  Breast cancer is a significant risk.  Again, it pays to compare.

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