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cancer heart attack stroke insuranceThe diagnosis of cancer or heart disease comes the reality of many medical bills + time off for treatments.  You’ll need money for living expenses – rent or mortgage, car payments.  You may have to pay health insurance deductibles and co-pays.

Cancer Heart Attack Stroke Insurance helps provide the cash resources you need so you can FOCUS ON your treatment and recovery, NOT your finances.

Who needs cancer insurance?

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Cancer risk increases greatly as you age.

After age 40 women and men face a significant and increasing risk of cancer.  We all hope it never happens to us.  But it can and it does.

This year 1.8 million Americans will hear the dreaded words ‘you have cancer’.  Most will be treated and the majority will survive.

What won’t survive is any savings they put away for their kids education or their retirement.   Health insurance plans today often require that you pay a high deductible amount.  Most health plans also require co-pays.  Those costs can add up to thousands of dollars.  And, not everything is covered when you have cancer.

Ouch.  As if getting cancer wasn’t bad enough, you now face thousands of dollars of bills.

Plus you will probably take time off from work to undergo treatments and recover.  If you are married your spouse may also take time off.  That’s two reduced incomes just when you need money the most.

A small and affordable cancer policy can go a long way

Cancer insurance rates costsThe Association recommends that cancer insurance coverage equal between 6 and 18 months of rent or mortgage payments.

That generally will be enough to replace lost income and to cover those uncovered medical bills.  There might even be a little bit left over.  After surviving cancer, you deserve to treat yourself and your family to a little celebratory trip.

Cancer insurance policies typically start with benefits as low as $10,000.  Most people buy between $10,000 and $30,000 of coverage.

Use the Cost Calculator on this webpage to get an instant idea of what $10,000 of cancer insurance costs.

Who needs cancer heart attack stroke insurance?

cancer heart attack stroke insurance costsCritical illness insurance is also known as cancer heart attack stroke insurance.  Because it covers the Big 3 illnesses.  Generally it also pays benefits for a number of other critical illnesses.

Because this insurance pays benefits for many more conditions, the costs will be higher.  Smokers or tobacco users will pay more.  That’s because they face a significantly higher risk of disease. 

Some insurance companies today will provide online rates for coverage.

Learn more about your real risks

Read more about cancer insurance.  What to look for in a policy.  How to find and compare cancer insurance policies.

See the latest critical illness insurance statistics.  When do people buy insurance?  How much coverage do they purchase?

The Association posts the most relevant cancer heart attack stroke insurance data.  Best single source of relevant information.

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Instant Insurance Cost Calculator

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