Which is the best critical illness policy?

  • I smoke.  A policy that offers ‘uni-tobacco- rates.
  • No tobacco product use.  Save up to 50% yearly.
  • I’m male.  In your 40s, compare sex-distinct pricing.
  • Cancer worries me more.  Compare cancer-only coverage.
  • My employer offers coverage.  Rates from direct sellers may be better.
  • I’m self-employed.  Look for an affordable plan.
  • What special options?  Like a return of premiums paid.
  • Avoid added fees.  Pay monthly with no added cost.
  • 30-Day Free Look.  The consumer protection.

Call for critical illness insurance information

best critical illness policy
Call the American Association for Critical Illness Insurance

Getting the best critical illness policy requires that you ask the right questions. 

Call the American Association for Critical Illness Insurance at 818-597-3205.

We will help guide you with general information and answers to your questions.

If you want, we can connect you with an insurance agent who offers both cancer insurance and comprehensive critical illness insurance.

Or, we can suggest ways you can buy directly from an insurance company.

I don't smoke or use tobacco products

get the best critical illness policy non-smokersWe are not here to preach.  Those who choose to smoke or use tobacco products know the negative health consequences.

Insurance companies know that smokers have higher rates of cancer and heart disease.  They factor that into their pricing.

Some policies offer ‘uni-tobacco’ pricing.  That means that smokers pay the same as non-smokers.  Better said, non-smokers are subsidizing some of their added risk.

IF YOU DO NOT SMOKE OR USE TOBACCO PRODUCTS your best price will likely be a policy that charges non-smokers LESS.

Cancer worries me more, in your 40s it should!

critical illness insurance rates 10Cancer, heart attacks and strokes are all real risks.  An no one can predict when (nor if) you’ll ever be impacted.

But, here’s what the data shows.  Cancer generally happens at younger ages.  Women get cancer earlier (breast cancer) than men.  See cancer risk by ages.

Heart attacks and strokes generally happen at older ages, after age 65 or 70.  See heart attack ages and data.

IF CANCER WORRIES YOU MORE you should look at one policy that gives you multiple options.  Option One should be cancer-only protectionOption Two should be comprehensive critical illness insurance.

THE RIGHT CHOICE is getting coverage that gives you protection, peace of mind and is affordable.  A cancer only insurance policy can cost significantly less.

Special options? No one ever tells you about these!

return of premiumHave critical illness insurance coverage.  Get your money back IF you never use the policy.  IT’S POSSIBLE.

Today, some critical illness policies include a special RETURN OF PREMIUM feature.  Often this is an added option.  But sometimes it can be included as part of the policy.

This feature is attractive to many consumers.  After all, one of the things people hate about insurance is paying for something you might never use.

Of course, there is a cost for this feature.  But, if it’s something that interests you, it’s worth asking about.

Find the best critical illness policy options.  Call the Association at 818-597-3205.  We can connect you with an agent knowledgeable in these policies.

Consumer protections: The 30-day free look

insurance free look provisionAll 50 states and the District of Columbia have laws that protect consumers buying insurance.

The FREE LOOK PERIOD is a required period of time.  During this time a new insurance policy owner can terminate the policy without penalties, such as surrender charges.

The free look period often lasts 10 or more days.  It can vary.

During this time you have the right to cancel the policy and receive a full refund.  If this provision is of interest to you, call the Association to connect with a knowledgeable insurance professional.


Find your best critical illness policy options

cancer insurance quote male age 45
cancer insurance quote for a male age 45

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