Heart attack risk by age reported

Heart attack risk for men and women between ages 45 and 74 reported by Association.
heart attack risk between 45 and 74

Your risk of a heart attack increases as you age – for men 125 out of 1,000 likely to have one.*

“Consider a critical illness insurance benefit that is equal to between six and 18 months of rent or mortgage payments.”

Jesse Slome, director of the American Association of Critical Illness Insurance

Heart attack risk is greater for men between 45 and 55

The annual number of adults who will have a diagnosed heart attack was reported today by the American Association for Critical Illness Insurance (AACII).

“Every year some 125 out of 1,000 men age 55 or older will have a heart attack, a pretty significant number,” shared Jesse Slome, AACII’s director.   “The annual number of heart attacks suffered by women is lower at least until after age 74.”

“If you knew your chance was greater than one in 10, I hope you’d consider doing some planning,” advised the critical illness insurance expert.  Slome explained that critical illness insurance pays a lump-sum cash benefit when the policyholder is diagnosed with a heart attack.

According to AACII between ages 45 and 54, some 75 out of 1,000 men will have a diagnosed heart attack.  Some 35 women in that age band will have an attack.  Between 55 and 64, some 125 men and 60 women out of 1,000 will have a heart attack.

90% survive a heart attack today

Thanks to faster emergency services and improved medical care, a good percentage of Americans are likely to survive a heart attack.  “Today more than 90% of people survive myocardial infarction, the technical term for a heart attack,” Slome explains.  “But your savings and any assets you accumulated will likely be impacted.”

Even individuals with health insurance often face significant costs.  “There are high deductibles today plus generally a fair amount of uncovered out-of-pocket costs,” Slome adds.  “You even have to paying health insurance premiums while you receive care for that heart attack.”

Association director shares tips for critical illness insurance planning

First of all, the Association recommends adults between ages 40 and 55 consider a critical illness insurance benefit that is equal to between six and 18 months of rent or mortgage payments.  “That’s generally how long you might be out of work or retraining to find a job that’s more suitable following a heart attack,” Slome notes.  “You’ll have the peace of mind knowing your biggest bill will be paid while you focus on what’s really important, your recovery and return to life.”
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Secondly, use the Association’s instant critical illness insurance cost calculator to see an instant estimate of costs.

Thirdly, cancer is a significant risk especially at younger ages. If you are in your 40s consider a cancer-only insurance policy. Because it will be more affordable, one may find it significantly of value.

Critical illness insurance association best source for statistics

* Circulation

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