Eat tofu for better heart health

People who regularly eat tofu have a moderately lower risk of developing heart disease new study finds.
Critical illness insurance and heart attacks

New study finds regular tofu diet lowers the risk of developing heart disease.*

Heart disease impacts millions of Americans and any findings that can lower the number of people who get heart attacks is welcomed news.

Jesse Slome, director of the American Association of Critical Illness Insurance

Not all soy products are created equal scientists find

Researchers at the Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital found that people who regularly eat tofu and other foods containing isoflavones have a moderately lower risk of developing heart disease.

Data from over 200,000 people who participated in three prospective health and nutrition studies was studied. All participants were free of cancer and heart disease when the studies began. The research controlled for other factors known to increase heart risk. Scientists found that consuming tofu more than once a week was associated with an 18% lower risk of heart disease. That compared to those who ate tofu less than once a month.

The results of eating tofu were particularly favorable for younger women. They were also favorable for postmenopausal women not taking hormones.

“Heart disease impacts millions of Americans. Any findings that can lower the number of people who get heart attacks is welcomed news,” shares Jesse Slome. Slome is director of the American Association for Critical Illness Insurance (AACII).

The scientists noted that not all soy is created equal. They shared that tofu and whole soybeans which are rich sources of isoflavones offered the best outcomes. They explain that soy milk tends to be highly processed and sweetened with sugar. Thus, they shared no significant association found between soy milk consumption and lower heart disease risk. Other foods high in isoflavones include chickpeas, fava beans, pistachios, peanuts, and other fruits and nuts.

Heart disease remains the number one cause of death in the U.S., according to the American Association for Critical Illness Insurance. “Every 40 seconds another American has a heart attack,” Slome says. “Many will survive. But surviving a heart attack often takes a huge financial toll on the individual and their family.”

Heart health is important, so is critical illness insurance planning

Today, you are likely to survive a first heart attack. But you’ll take time off from work to undergo testing, treatment and recover, Slome shares. “Will you be able to work or will you need to deplete your savings to pay rent or mortgage costs? What about health care costs that are not covered by your insurance?”

Consider a modest critical illness insurance policy that can provide $10,000 immediately following a heart attack. “Today, costs for someone in their 40s can be more affordable than many think,” Slome notes. The Association provides an instant Insurance Cost Calculator on their website.

Critical illness insurance provides a lump sum cash payment immediately following a heart attack or stroke diagnosis. Read tips that explain important ways to compare and get the best critical illness insurance quotes.

Tips for cancer and critical illness insurance planning

First of all, the Association recommends all men and women over 40 read more about what is critical illness insurance?

Secondly, use the Association’s instant critical illness insurance cost calculator to see an instant estimate of costs for cancer-only insurance coverage.

Thirdly, cancer is only one health risk. Consider a more comprehensive insurance policy that can pay benefits for multiple critical illnesses.

Fourthly, read tips to better compare critical illness insurance coverage. Significantly there are differences between policies. Therefore the helpful tips can save you money.

* Circulation, March 23, 2020

Equally important, here are additional tips for consumers.
Firstly, learn more about long-term care insurance if you are between 50 and 60. Visit the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance website for information.
Secondly, adults turning 65 can find Local Medicare Agents using the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance‘s free online lookup.
Thirdly, learn about stroke signs and symptoms.
Fourthly, learn more about cancer risks.
Finally, try to live a more healthy lifestyle. Undeniably it’s the most important thing you can do.

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