How does critical illness insurance work?

Here’s how critical illness insurance works for you.

critical illness insurance worksIt’s paid directly to you.
Critical illness insurance pays you directly in a lump-sum cash (check) payment.
No deductible.
Zero receipts needed for reimbursement.
The insurance company mails your check right after your claim is verified.

cancer insurance pays your rentYou choose how to spend the money. 
Use the money however you want.  Cover medical costs NOT paid by your insurance (deductibles and co-pays).  Use funds to pay for travel for treatments or second opinions.
Many people use the money to pay their rent or mortgage payments while they take time off from work for treatments or recovery.

Benefits are paid directly to you

Payments will be paid directly to you, not to the doctors, hospitals or other health care providers.  You will receive a check, payable to you, for maximum convenience.

Is the claims process simple?

critical illness insurance claimsYes. Your insurance company will specify what they need to process your claim.  Most will have a way to file your claim online.

Once all required information is received, claims are generally processed within 10 business days.  

Expect the insurance company to require 2 or 3 pieces of information.  They’ll include an Authorization to Disclose Information and information from your doctor.

How much critical illness insurance do I need?

how much insurance do I needThe Association recommends the following simple formula.  Calculate the cost of rent or mortgage payments for 6 months and 18 months.

Most people actually buy between $10,000 and $15,000.  And, the average critical illness insurance claim payment is between $12,000 and $15,000.

If you can afford more, buy more.  But, our thinking is that treatment and recovery usually is a matter of months (not years).  You want the peace of mind that major bills are covered while you take time off from work.  And, if you are married, you can bet that your spouse or partner will take time off to be with you.


What if I have money left over?

cancer insurance pays for vacation cruiseTake a vacation with your spouse or loved ones.  We are serious!  No one wants to ever get sick, much less be diagnosed with cancer, have a heart attack or stroke.

The good news is that chances are you will survive.  You’ll use the critical illness insurance to pay for costs.

If there’s any left over, YES, use it to take a well deserved and needed vacation.  You aren’t the only one who needs it.  Your spouse and family do as well.

Does critical illness insurance work? Tell us your story.

did cancer insurance benefit youDid having critical illness insurance work for you? 

What was the benefit of having cancer insurance coverage?

We’d welcome a brief email sharing your story.  It will help us educate other people to the important benefits of this coverage.

Write to Jesse Slome, Association Director.  Email me at jslome (AT @)   Thank you.

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