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Low Cost E&O Insurance for Agents is now available.

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If you are looking for affordable errors and omissions E&O insurance, we offer a special program of coverage offered exclusively to agents by our three Associations.  Two of the Associations do NOT have membership dues, so you can get this coverage without having to pay any additional funds (or keep your appointments with any particular company).

Click this link to see details and E&O rates.

Five Levels of Low Cost E&O

There are five (5) levels of coverage – depending on the products you market/sell.

Level I (one) covers agents who sell Final Expense, Mortgage Life and Medicare Supplement insurance.   It ALSO includes Medicare Advantage.

Level II (two) adds coverage for individual health, group accident and health plans.

You choose the Limits of Liability that range from $500,000 per claim / $500,000 aggregate each agent up to $2,000,000 / $2,000,000.

Personal Data Compromise (Cyber) Extension coverage is included.  Defense costs do NOT erode your coverage limits.

You can enroll online – generally it takes 5 minutes (or less).
Coverage can be instantaneous (following payment).
You can pay monthly … quarterly … annually.    Pay by credit card or check.
There are dedicated support personnel to answer questions and provide assistance.


Why E&O insurance is important for agents

Oversights and mistakes can occur while selling any insurance product regardless of the type or premium of the product you are selling.   The defense and indemnification costs associated with correcting the mistake can be substantial.

Additionally, if you are selling other insurance products those insurance carriers may have a contractual requirement for you to carrier E&O insurance.  The AACII E&O offering provides a multi-tierd E&O program that allows you to purchase the coverage and limits to meet your specific business needs.


This E&O coverage is made available to agents through a separate, non-affiliated organization.  The Association reminds you that, as with all policies, it is important to read everything carefully and to maintain copies and records.

AVOID A LAPSE IN COVERAGE.  It is vital that you avoid a lapse in E&O coverage.  Simply stated, if you currently have a different E&O policy, you want to make sure you have continuous coverage … even better have a little overlap.

Ready to see costs and enroll?   Click here now.

Click the link above to enroll online — read the Specimen Policy – Print out an enrollment packet – or connect with our E&O Experts for support.

1  The group E&O policy is available to agents referred via the website of the American Association for Critical Illness Insurance (NO membership fee!).

The same policy is available to members of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance ($98 annual membership fee), as well as the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance  (NO membership fee required).

The information above is a general overview of the pertinent information.  Please read the Specimen Policy and all information online for complete details.

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