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Let the Association help you find the best critical illness insurance.

Around 60 insurance companies offer critical illness insurance in the United States.

They can vary significantly.  But, here are 10 things the Association recommends you look for:

  • A lower-cost cancer-only option.
  • Comprehensive CI policy that covers between 12 and 16 conditions.
  • Premiums (rates) that are lower.
  • Benefits that range from  $10,000 to $25,000 (or $50,000).
  • A policy designed for those who want coverage between ages 35 and 70.
  • One that offers lower rates for non-smokers.
  • Access to instant online rates.
  • The ability to apply online and to get virtually instant acceptance.
  • No added fees.
  • Monthly payments accepted by EFT or credit card.

Take The 30-Second Cost Challenge

Best critical illness insurance ratesUse the Instant Cost Calculator on this website to get an immediate estimate of costs for $10,000 of cancer-only insurance.

No personal information is needed.  Click just one box (example Male) and you will instantly see a rate appear.

The rate will change based on your sex.  With the examples shown, a tobacco user will pay more.  This benefits non-tobacco users. 

Costs for comprehensive critical illness insurance will cost more.  That’s because a full ci policy policy pays benefits for multiple conditions.

Want to see costs for both options

best critical-illness-insurance-costs-quotesYou can get an instant cost quote for both a cancer-only and a comprehensive critical illness insurance policy.

Click the GET YOUR FREE QUOTE box that’s part of the advertisement to the right.

Best Costs For Non-Smokers

Best critical illness insurance costs for non-smokersImportant Savings Benefit for Non-Tobacco Users!
Insurance companies have two choices.  They can change smokers and non-smokers the exact same amount.

Or, they can charge smokers more than non-smokers.

Smokers have a greater risk of being diagnosed with cancer.  They also are more likely to have heart attacks or strokes. 

When smokers and non-smokers pay the same rates, guess what?  Non-smokers are subsidizing smokers.

Sometimes men pay less. Sometimes women pay less

It’s true.  What it means is the insurers have really based their prices on what they see as the real risks. 

The exclusive product we keep referring to charges different rates for men and women.  At some ages men will pay less.  At other ages women will pay less.

Compare if your employer is offering critical illness insurance

If your Employer offers critical illness insurance here are things to compare:

  • Do you have both cancer-only and comprehensive critical illness options?
  • Compare the annual rate.
  • Can you pay monthly? Is there an added charge?
  • Are there any additional fees?
  • Do non-smokers pay the same as smokers?
  • Do men and women pay the same (for the same age)?
  • Are  premiums level or will they increase as you age?
  • If you leave the company, can you continue the coverage?
  • Does the policy terminate at a certain age?
  • Can my spouse or partner be covered by the same company?

Additional Critical Illness Insurance Information is available.  Besides information here,  access the Critical Illness Insurance Association’s News Archive to read the latest information on cancer, heart attacks, strokes and critical illness insurance.
Specifically, see the latest Facts About Cancer from the American Cancer Society.
Then see the latest Heart Disease Prevention Tips from the American Heart Association.

Compare Aetna, Unum, AFLAC and other critical illness insurance policies

Read more about getting the best critical illness insurance quotes.

Additional Tips for Consumers:

Firstly, your contract defines what is covered and what is not.  Verbal representations by agents or others are not binding.

Secondly, it is really important to think how many years you want this coverage to last.  For many, their critical illness insurance protection is most important until they retire (at age 65 or 70).  After that you will have Medicare and Social Security.  You home may be fully paid off.

Thirdly. it often pays to buy this coverage 30-to-60 days before your next birthday.  You may lock in lower rates.

Fourthly, for many people in their 40s and 50s. the chance you’ll use a critical illness insurance policy is higher than the chance you’ll use a disability insurance or life insurance policy.  We have some good information on this website.

Finally, only buy what you know you can afford not just now but for the next few years.  Too many people buy this coverage.  Then they have buyers remorse and don’t pay for year two.  When you do that, it may benefit the insurance agent but not you. 

Regardless of what you decide, we thank you for taking the time to visit the Association’s website.


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