Critical Illness Insurance Leads

Leads for critical illness insuranceLeads are the key to your success selling critical illness insurance.

You can generate leads on your own.  Read these tips.

First of all, communicate with every client you know over the age of 40.  Focus on the real risk of developing cancer.  Stress that it’s a real risk they face sometime before they turn 70.  Finally communicate that they probably know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer.

Similarly, recognize that most critical illness insurance is offered and sold in the workplace.  Consequently there is already a level of awareness.  You can be successful. Communicate the importance of comparing coverage.  Affirm the fact that some employer-offered plans are great.  Point out that buying an individual plan may offers advantage.

Lead Marketing Tip: Comparing plans pays

Because most critical illness insurance is still sold through the workplace, timing can be important.  Get more leads by focusing on people who are employed.  Focus at times of the year when employers have their Open Enrollment period.  That’s usually in the Fall.  October and November are your best times to communicate.

Urge individuals to compare critical illness insurance coverage.  Suggest that individual coverage may be a better buy.  Because people like reasons, share some reasons to compare. 

Use some of these as reasons to compare:

  • You may be able to save.
  • A cancer-only plan can be far less costly.
  • You don’t use tobacco. Comparing may save you money.

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A few final words about leads

First of all, generating leads takes time.
Secondly, it takes work.
Thirdly, anyone who promises you guaranteed leads that convert is trying to sell you something.
Therefore, our recommendation is test different approaches.
Then you will know what works best for you.  Since we launched the Association, we’ve heard so many promises.  Unless you can get some guarantee of results, don’t pay for leads. 

Consider the following if you are an agent seeking leads should.  To be sure anyone promising guaranteed leads is selling something.  Once appointed with an agency, releases are not guaranteed, a point often overlooked.  Shop for your upline and by all means compare compensation and support.  That is to say, ask for and speak to referrals.  Finally, request a release letter up-front should you wish to change in the future.

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