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vitamin a blindness

Vitamin A blindness

Vitamin A may one day help treat vision loss for those with diabetes. Millions of Americans could benefit.

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dietary supplements health news

Dietary supplements health news

Dietary supplements health news? Should you take supplements to prevent disease?

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belly fat dementia risk

Belly fat and dementia risk

Belly fat in women linked to 39% higher risk of dementia within 15 years a new study finds.

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statistics male death

Statistics male death 2020

Heart disease and cancer are the top causes of death for men. But causes vary by age and ethnicity a new CDC report finds.

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late dinner health news

Late dinner poses health risks

Eating a late dinner increases risk of obesity or diabetes. Obesity poses increased cancer risk for Millennials.

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kidney disease statistics 2020

Kidney disease statistics 2020

Latest kidney disease statistics shared. One in 7 adults has kidney disease but most are unaware according to data.

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Cigarette and cancer insurance

Scientists find that nicotine use promotes the spread of lung cancer to the brain. Finding cancer-insurance tip for both smokers and non-smokers.

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deafness critical illness

Deafness and critical illness insurance

For the first time researchers at Harvard University have used gene editing to restore partial hearing in mice.

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Diabetes costs

Type 1 Diabetes costs $2,500 yearly for individuals with health insurance. Supplemental insurance helps consumers.

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bankruptcy 2020-1

Bankruptcy 2020 first quarter

Over 175,000 individuals filed for bankruptcy in first quarter of 2020. Most tied to medical issues.

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