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The following are the latest and most relevant information regarding cancer, heart attacks, strokes and cancer / critical illness insurance.
new sales data critical illness insurance 2019

New sales critical illness insurance

Annual new sales of critical illness insurance reach 1.6 million reports CII Association.

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Fiber consumption linked to lower breast cancer risk

Fiber consumption linked to lower breast cancer risk.

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Buyers facts Critical illness insurance

Buyers of critical illness insurance (2020 report)

Buyers of critical illness insurance; new data reports average age of buyers for individual and group coverage.

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stroke and ci insurance

Shingles vaccine reduces stroke risk

The shingles vaccine may reduce stroke risk by 10-to-20 percent according to new research from the CDC.

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sales growth for critical illness insurance

Sales growth for critical illness insurance

Significant sales growth for critical illness insurance expected by industry executive.

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Critical illness insurance and heart attacks

Eat tofu for better heart health

People who regularly eat tofu have a moderately lower risk of developing heart disease new study finds.

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