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millennials need critical illness planning

Millennials pass Baby Boomers as largest generation

For the first time there are more Millennials in the U.S. than Baby Boomers. 72.1 million will set trends.

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aspirin and cancer insurance

Aspirin and cancer reduced risk

Aspirin may reduce certain cancer risk a new study finds.

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high deductible health plans

High deductible health plans pose financial risk

The growing number of High deductible health plans poses a financial risk for millions.

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heart disease predictor and critical illness insurance

Heart disease predictor

Inconsistent blood pressure in 20s and 30s could indicate heart disease later in your life.

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Critical illness insurance and heart attacks

New heart attack test speeds treatment

A new heart attack test can speed Emergency Room treatment for 7 million ER visits.

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heart attack risk between 45 and 74

Heart attack risk by age reported

Heart attack risk for men and women between ages 45 and 74 reported by Association.

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