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problems paying medical bills

Problems paying medical bills

Data sheds light on percentage of families with health insurance who have problems paying medical bills.

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cancer data 2020

Cancer diagnosis 2020 data

Every 21 seconds an American man or woman will be diagnosed with cancer – planning essential.

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vitamins cancer

Cancer vitamins treatment study

New study finds fasting plus Vitamin C is effective for treating some cancers.

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summer heart heath diet

Eight Week Summer Heart Diet

Eight week summer heart diet can reduce cardiovascular disease risk among adults.

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drugs not covered by insurance

Drugs not covered by insurance plans

Nearly half of Americans with health insurance do not fill prescriptions that aren’t covered by their insurance plan.

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cycling health news critical illness insurance

Cycling or walking to work benefits health

Walking or cycling to work associated with reduced risk of heart attack or cancer.

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breast cancer survival US

Breast cancer survival highest in US

Five year breast cancer survival rate is highest in the United States compared to major countries.

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sugar and heart health for women

Sugar and heart health for women

Women who drink sugary beverages on a daily basis face a higher risk of heart disease, new study finds.

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sell critical illness insurance

Cancer survivors fear loss of their insurance protection

1 in 5 cancer survivors stays at job due to fear of losing their health insurance.

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millennials need critical illness planning

Millennials pass Baby Boomers as largest generation

For the first time there are more Millennials in the U.S. than Baby Boomers. 72.1 million will set trends.

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