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If your company offers critical illness insurance here are things to compare:

  • Firstly is a cancer-only option available?
  • Secondly compare the monthly or annual rate.
  • Thirdly is there an added charge for paying monthly?
  • Fourthly are there any additional fees?
  • Do non-smokers pay the same as smokers?
  • Similarly do men and women both pay the same?
  • Are  premiums level or will they increase as you age?
  • If you leave the company, can you continue the coverage?
  • Does the policy terminate at a certain age?
  • Finally can your spouse or partner be covered by the same company?

Coming soon.  Tips for employers shared by leading benefit consultants and industry experts who specialize in critical illness insurance.

Employer seeking plan comparisons.  If you are an employer seeking comparisons of critical illness insurance offerings, please reach out to the Association.

Call Jesse Slome at 818-597-3205

Or, click the Contact Us link and send us a message.

Employee tips to get the best costs

Employer ci insurance: what companies offer?

employer critical illness cost comparisonPrice is the first thing most people want to compare. 

Use the Association’s Critical Illness Insurance Cost Calculator.  You will get an instant estimated cost for $10,000 of cancer-only insurance.

Click the link or the image to access the calculator.  No personal information is needed to get costs.

employer comparison for critical illness insuranceYou can also get a cost comparison directly from the insurance company offering both cancer-only and comprehensive ci insurance.  These options are exclusively offered via the Association’s website.

Click on the Get Your Free Quote banner now. 

Employee tips to get the best coverage

Employer mistakes to avoid

Employee tips coming soon.

Employer mistakes to avoid coming soon.

Learn more about critical illness insurance

Because an educated buyer is a better customer, we recommend the following:

Firstly read the latest critical illness insurance statistics.  Specifically see what ages do employees buy coverage?  Additionally we report the average of what they pay?

Particularly read the Association’s best tips for comparing critical illness insurance policies.

Finally understand why critical illness insurance is worth the cost.

Valuable resources for employees and employers

Learn more about long-term care insurance costs and planning from our sister organization.  Visit the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI).  The Association’s website has the most comprehensive information available nationally.

If you are approaching Medicare age, visit the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance website.  The website hosts the only national free directory listing Medicare insurance agents listed by Zip Code.

Employers seeking critical illness insurance consultants

Coming soon.  The American Association for Critical Illness Insurance does not sell insurance options.  Secondly we do not recommend specific consultants.

To help employers seeking information and options, we plan to list available experts here.  Revisit this webpage at a future date for this information.

A few final thoughts

Firstly it’s all about cost for employees.
Secondly, we believe options are important in getting more people protected.
Thirdly, we believe that option should include a cancer-only option.
Similarly, we believe this coverage is most important up to certain ages.
Moreover we advocate employers to consider both unisex and sex-distinct options.
Undoubtedly comparing uni-tobacco and smoker and non-smoker plans should also be considered.
Obviously working with a specialist knowledgeable in these products is valuable.
Finally, the Association is here to help answer questions.  While we do not directly sell this insurance, we advocate for the importance of being smarter buyers.

Instant Insurance Cost Calculator

Tell us 3 things about you and see an instant quote for $10,000 of cancer-only insurance coverage. Why?
What is your gender?
What is your current age?
Are you a tobacco user?


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American Association for Critical Illness Insurance
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