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directory-for-critical-illness-insurance-informationThe American Association for Critical Illness insurance is a national, independent organization.  Our website contains important information for both consumers and insurance professionals.

Use this directory for faster access to information contained on our website.  Because our new website re-launched in March 2020, many pages are still being finalized.  Therefore please visit again.

Finally, if you have suggestions for information, contact us.  Specifically, call Jesse Slome at 818-597-3205.

Directory of key pages for consumers

Access our comprehensive page with data and statistics regarding cancer, heart attacks and strokes.

Read how many costs you’ll face if you get cancer.  Cost of cancer care is $150 billion a year!

Find some of our tips for finding the best critical illness insurance.

See 2020 critical illness insurance statistics.  Specifically find ages of new buyers, average policy amounts, average claims and more.

Visit our critical illness news archive.  Undeniably a great source of summarized health and medical news related to cancer, heart attack and stroke.

Directory of key pages for employers seeking group critical illness insurance

Learn more about group critical illness insurance.  Following information is information on benefit brokers who sell employer critical illness insurance.

Directory of key pages for insurance professionals

Benefit from low-cost e&o insurance.  Unlike other errors and omissions plans, this one has no membership fee added.

Critical illness insurance experts

Association for critical illness insuranceFor further information, contact Jesse Slome, Association director.
Click here to Contact Us.

Additional resources we recommend

Visit our other industry associations.  Specifically our sister organizations the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance and the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Get long-term care insurance quotes.  Click the link.

Find local Medicare insurance agents near you.  Use the Association’s fee Zip Code directory.

Critical illness insurance association best source for statistics
Some personal favorites

Firstly, the following information is the personal viewpoint of Jesse Slome, Association Directory.
Secondly, our objective is always to be fair and balances in our approach.
Specifically critical illness insurance is NOT for everyone.
While many companies offer coverage to individuals as young as 18.  Significantly, it is my option that the appropriate age for this coverage is between 35 and 55.
Correspondingly I believe policies that terminate at set ages such as 70 or 75 are appropriate.
Surprisingly to some, I believe cancer insurance can be a more appropriate option for younger individuals.  Specifically if you are between 35 and 49, definitely compare a cancer only option.
Finally, the opinions expressed here are my personal opinions.
Unquestionably they do not apply to all.  Make your own decision regarding what is best for you.

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American Association for Critical Illness Insurance
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