Sell Cancer Insurance or Critical Illness Insurance

You can successfully sell cancer and critical illness insurance products.

Some 6 million Americans already have cancer or critical illness insurance and another 1.5 million buy coverage each year on an individual basis or through the worksite.

Consumers understand the real risks they face. That’s why they buy this valuable insurance protection.

We believe the U.S. critical illness insurance market is poised to grow significantly due to heightened consumer awareness as well as an increase in the number of insurance companies offering these products.

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Jesse Slome, Director
American Association for Critical Illness Insurance
American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance
American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance

A Message To Insurance Companies Looking To Enter The CI Market

We relaunched the Association’s website in March 2020 because I believe the market is primed for a significant growth in the sales of cancer and critical illness insurance.  My commitment is to build consumer awareness and to ultimately find a reason and a means to support insurance agents looking to learn successful strategies to market and sell these products.

If you are considering entering this market – or if you are interested in building your sales through insurance agents – may I suggest that we connect.  I have been marketing insurance and financial products for most of my professional career (which is now well over 30 years).

Considering the millions of GenXers and Millenials who have never heard of this solution to a very real risk, I believe success is just a matter of commitment.  If you would like to discuss, please pick up the phone and call.  Thank you.  Jesse Slome

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