Critical Illness Insurance Can Be Most Affordable

Some Tips To Help You Reduce The Cost For CI Protection

What you pay for critical illness insurance will depend on several factors; your age, your sex (those you can't change). Other factors you can impact. This page provides some tips worth considering.

Tip 1     Buy before your next birthday. Most insurers will set the rate based on the date your application is signed. Rates will go up on your next birthday.

Tip 2     Stop smoking. Want to see how dangerous smoking is -- compare smoker and non-smoker rates on our Cost Caluculator. Some insurers will apply non-smoker rates if you have not used tobacco products for one year.

Tip 3     Lose a few pounds. It's good for you and if you fall outside the acceptable height to weight index, you will pay more or not health qualify for insurance protection.

Tip 4     Don't buy more than you really need. Of course, you can do more with $50,000 than with $25,000. But sometimes it's smart to start with a more affordable amount of coverage. You can always buy more at a future date.

Tip 5    Compare. Prices vary from one insurer to the next. It pays to talk to someone who can get you the best coverage for the lowest cost.

Want To Know What Critical Illness Insurance Costs ?
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