Critical Illness Insurance for Employers

Critical Illness Insurance Is An Employer Benefit Providing Important Financial Protection When Employees Need It Most

Critical illness insurance products meet the changing financial protection needs that arise from medical breakthroughs and earlier diagnoses of serious (but no longer deadly diseases).

An employee who is diagnosed with cancer will more than likely survive. The same is true for employees who have heart attacks or a stroke. But, survival comes with a steep cost.

Facing a critical illness is difficult enough without having to worry about the added financial stress. Critical illness insurance is designed to help individuals bridge the financial gap between traditional insurance coverages and the added costs associated with a critical illness. The product helps put financial control back into the hands of the individual, allowing one to focus on recovery. It also helps reduce the fear of having to tap into the equity in one’s home or into retirement, education or other savings accounts.

This section contains important information for employers. The American Association for Critical Illness Insurance does not sell insurance products. We encourage you to speak to your employee benefits specialist. Or, if you prefer, call the Association and we will connect you with one of our members who can provide no-obligation information. Call: (818) 597-3205.

A Primer For Employers

Why Offer Critical Illness Insurance To Your Employees

Information regarding the need and benerfits to employees.

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Why Would Your Employees Be Interested In Critical Illness Insurance Protection

Testimonials about the value of benefits

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How Do Employer-Offered Critical Illness Insurance Policies Work ?

Explanation of how voluntary CI policies work.

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What Are Commonly Asked Questions

We'll list commonly asked questions and answers. For example, are spouses covered? Do insurers offer group discounts? Health Underwriting?

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Who Can I Call To Get More Information

Pertinent information and questions to ask

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Get An Individual Critical Illness Insurance Quote
If you are ready to find out whether you can health qualify for critical illness insurance and to see what coverage costs start the process.  Click here to complete our simple online questionnaire and be connected with an expert in your area there is never any obligation and the information is free.

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